Dune HD BT AirMouse Remote R3


Bluetooth remote with microphone, IR learning, Air Mouse and extended set of buttons.

Compatible with non-Google-certified Dune HD media players (with Bluetooth support):

  • Yes, fully compatible (can be used as the main remote or as an additional remote).

Compatible with Google-certified Dune HD media players (Dune HD Homatics, Dune HD Premier, BOXY):

  • Partially (can be used only an additional remote, the standard remote must be paired too, and some buttons do not work).

Can control the media player via IR (when not connected via Bluetooth):

  • No. Can control the media player via Bluetooth only.

Can control TV and other equipment via IR:

  • Yes, it is a learnable remote, and it can learn any IR codes from other remotes. Learning is done using simple key combinations.


  • Yes

Air Mouse:

  • Yes


  • No